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13C4FFDF-6A30-4999-B718-9C4F7E26C4AE (1).png
13C4FFDF-6A30-4999-B718-9C4F7E26C4AE (1).png

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Why Us?

Our heatless curl kit has been designed to help you make everyday a good hair day, without compromising on hair condition.


- Multiple wear options


- Extra Soft & Comfortable


- Reduce frizz & breakage


Our Story

Our heatless curl kits have been designed to give you the best experience - made from silk to reduce friction, frizz and breakages, cotton filled for a better sleep experience and silk caps to ensure your curler stays in all night. Our mission is to help you create beautiful, confidence boosting styles everyday, without compromising your hairs condition.

Best Sellers

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