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Hi! My names Ellie, hairdresser, hair care lover and founder of Loxies Hairwear®! Before Loxies I would curl my hair with curl tongs or straighteners EVERYDAY! Styling and curling my hair made me feel so much more confident, but doing it everyday was taking a toll on my hair and it became severely damaged from overusing high heat tools. I noticed it stopped growing, became wispy, dull and porous. I knew something had to change but I wasn't ready to give up styling my hair the way I loved.

Then during lockdown 2020 I discovered heatless curls - LIFE CHANGING! Go to bed with my hair wrapped up and wake up with bouncy curls with ZERO hair damage? Yes please! So the heatless hair care journey began, and after months of heatless styling and regular hair trims my hair condition improved immensely, along with my confidence.


There was one issue - the dressing gown ties I used to create my heatless curls would make my hair frizz ALOT, so I tried foam heatless curlers which were impossible to sleep in. I couldn't find anything that would keep my hair frizz free, was comfortable to sleep in and would easily stay in all night. This is when I decided to create my own and in March 2021 Loxies Hairwear® launched.

Our heatless curl kits have been designed to give you the best experience. Our unique multi-wear ribbons allow you to wear your curler in multiple different ways to create results you love whilst enjoying the freedom to wear your curler however you like. We aim to give you the ultimate heatless haircare routine so you can keep your hair in optimum condition with our luxury silk to reduce friction, frizz and breakages, cotton filled curlers for a better sleep experience and silk caps to ensure your curler stays in all night. Our mission is to help you create beautiful, confidence boosting styles everyday, without compromising your hairs condition.

Being a hairdresser for nearly a decade I've learnt so much, not only about hair but also how much your hair impacts your confidence. I've seen how having a hair cut, a new colour or a simple blow dry can make you feel invincible. I want to create products to help you feel like that every single day, not just on those days you visit the salon.

I can't wait to help give you a daily confidence boost through heatless haircare and styling. I just know you're going to love it!

Ellie x

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