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Welcome to Loxies Hairwear, where we are dedicated to turning your hair dreams into reality! After witnessing the damaging effects of excessive heat styling during the 2020 lockdown, founder Ellie was inspired to create a solution that would allow for a gentler way of styling. In March 2021, Loxies Hairwear was born.

Our heatless curlers are carefully crafted to bring you stunning curls, bouncy blowouts, and waves without subjecting your hair to excessive heat. This helps reduce the risk of damage and promotes healthier, more resilient hair. We firmly believe that every woman should be able to achieve her desired hairstyle without compromising the health and integrity of her hair.

Our heatless curlers are unlike anything you've seen before. Each one is delicately woven with satin ribbons, filled with cotton and wrapped in luxury 100% silk, making the styling process a breeze and incredibly comfortable. They enable you to create flawlessly beautiful curls, while keeping your hair happy and healthy.

At Loxies, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That's why we offer a range of five different types of curlers, each designed to cater to your unique hair length, density, and preferred style. Whether you prefer carefree waves, voluminous blowouts, or bold coils, Loxies has the perfect option for you.

Our mission is simple yet impactful - we aim to empower women like you and instill the unwavering confidence of just having left the salon every day. You deserve to feel absolutely beautiful, strong, and capable in your own skin, without depending on damaging heat styling tools.

So, come and join us in embracing the magic of heatless curls and gentle styling! Bid farewell to hours spent styling with damaging hot tools, and say hello to a simpler, gentler way of achieving your dream hair. Your hair will thank you, and your confidence will soar!

With love,


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