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90's Hairstyles making a comeback in 2021

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

90's hairstyles are making a comeback this year and I am here for it! From face frames to high pony's here are my top 10 90's hairstyles that are making a come back!!

1. Chunky Highlights/Face frame

So chunky highlights have slowly been making a comeback since early last year with bright bold face frames taking off, and it's looking like they're here to stay! We are now seeing the high contrast pops of brightness worn throughout the hair and on all hair colours and I for one am loving it!!

For a more modern twist on this 90s colour trend the highlights are slightly more diffused at the roots than they were 20 years ago, creating a softer grow out and a more 'undone' type of look. SO many celebs and influencers are embracing these bolder locks, I love that it works on so many hair types/lengths too!

2. Long Front Braids

I think we are definitely going to be seeing more of this in 2021! From the Kardashians to models & influencers SO many are rocking these braids! Super easy to change up your regular pony or wear with some waves for more of a beachy vibe.

These are such an easy and fun way to change up your regular style without being as permanent as a face framing layer or highlight!

3. Face Framing Layers

This one was SUCH an iconic hairstyle in the 90's made famous by Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) in friends!! So much so that if you google 'Rachel Layers' you'll find tons of pics of the friends star with different layered looks.

For a modern twist on this iconic style it's all about longer and softer layers around the face. I'd also recommend to make sure you are happy with the layer length when your hair is up too before going for the chop!!

But beware - this cut isn't for all hair types, you need a medium to high hair density to pull off these layers! Fine hair may appear finer by adding layers so be careful and opt for a stylish 'grown out fringe' look instead!

4. Chunky Hairbands

Another one I'm Loving!! Bouncy curls with a chunky hairband will forever hold a place in my heart. There are SO many different types of hairbands out there now from jewelled, scrunched, elasticated, twist and padded!

Personally I love a chunky hairband - they are so easy to throw on and can easily take your hair from a bad hair day to super stylish do!

Get the look:

5. The Zig-Zag Part

Being a 90's baby myself I'm kind of here for the zig-zag part making a comeback in 2021! Bella Hadid has been rocking a side zig-zag and I love it! For a modern twist try small zig-zags as seen below rather than a chunky one!

6. Flicked Out Ends

I am LOVING flicked out ends at the moment! It's such a cute way to change up your style for the day, and it looks great on any hair length!

My fave is pairing flicked ends with a centre part or a chunky hairband for a total 90's inspired look.

7. Hair Claws

Another super easy way to style your hair! Hair claws can be used to clip all your hair out of the way or to create a half up half down look. I love that they are available in so many different styles and colours now! They are also non damaging as they do not put strain on your hair when worn correctly, so it's a win win.

8. Scrunchies & Clips

Scrunchies are back and here to stay! There are so many ways to style a scrunchie - half up half down, braids, high ponies and buns, they really are a staple item for any wardrobe.

Another bonus is that scrunchies are really good for your hair, they prevent snagging and pulling which reduces damage! The best type of scrunchies for hair health is definitely 100% Mulberry silk, you should also check what grade the silk is and if it is OEKO-TEX certified (Our silk scrunchies are 6A grade and OEKO-TEX certified). Silk has SO many benefits for hair:

* Reduces breakage.

* Reduces Frizz

*Contains Amino Acids to help repair and protect hair

So if you are on your journey to healthy hair, its definitely time to invest in a silk scrunchie!

Get the look:

9. Half Up Half Down Ponytails

Another one that's been making a comeback since early 2020 is the half up half down! Seen worn by Kim K and Hayley Bieber its such an easy style that can be worn on most hair lengths and types.

For a modern take on the half up, half down pony many celebs and influencers use extensions/hair pieces to get that big pony! Alternatively, you can layer products or use our ponytail hack to get that volume! Finish with a large scrunchie for the ultimate 90's look.

10. 90s Crimped

Crimped hair was huge in the 80s/90s! Although the Christina Aguilera crimped hair

we remember from the 90s isn't making it's comeback just yet, it's cooler sister - the mermaid wave is definitely here to stay!

Worn by Molly Mae and other islanders the mermaid wave is a much looser version of the 90's crimp that can be created using a waver tool! *TOP TIP* to create the mermaid wave without using heat try braiding your hair when its very slightly damp and leaving overnight! Comb out the waves the next morning to reveal beautiful beachy mermaid waves!

Let us know if you try any of these 90's inspired do's! Follow our instagram page @loxies_hairwear for more.


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