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Your Autumn Hair Care Essentials

Everything you need to bring your hair care routine from Summer to Autumn!

During Autumn the weather gets colder which can have damaging effects on your hair including dryness, dullness and frizz! Here's our essentials for getting you through that harsh weather change.


1. If you aren't already you need to start using a pre-wash treatment! These protect your hair during the wash phase but also contain essential vitamins and hair growth ingredients to give your hair some much needed care as we come into the cooler months. Here are our faves!

2. A silk hair tie or claw clip. The windy weather isn't just bad for your freshly styled hair, it's also really bad for your hairs condition! During windy weather always tie your hair back to avoid tangles. The wind can be very harsh on your hairs outer layer causing frizz, whilst the movement of your hair in the wind will lead to tangles that can cause breakage!

3. A good detangling brush! If you get caught in the wind and don't have a hair tie to hand don't worry. Always make sure you have a good hair brush that will minimise breakage. We're obsessed with the tangle teezer! Get them here -

4. Hair Masks - As the sun can really dry out your hair during Summer it's a great time to introduce some nourishing hair masks into your routine. We recommend using a moisturising hair mask once a week! Check out our previous blog for some of our faves.

5. Apply a hair oil - we recommend oiling your hair daily to help with tangles, frizz and to give your hair some nourishment and protection! Our hair oil treatment contains Vitamin E and essential fatty acids to give your hair a boost whilst offering frizz reduction and heat protection.

6. Book a trim! Whether you fancy a fresh new look for the change in season or if you just need a trim to get rid of those split ends, now is a great time to book a hair cut as we head into Autumn. During Summer months our hair is exposed to high heat and UV rays which can cause frizz and damaged hair. Trimming off that damage before we reach the cold weather of the Winter will prevent split ends travelling further up your hair shaft which lead to breakage.


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