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5 Hair Masks to Revive Your Damaged Hair!

Is your hair looking dry and feeling dull? Are you fed up of it refusing to grow? I've been there too and it's a nightmare! Here are a few of my fave hair masks to help you get your hair back to optimum condition.

  1. Olaplex No.0 & No.3

Technically not a hair mask but this treatment is a life saver for damaged hair! Olaplex uniquely works to repair the broken disulphide bonds within our hair that are broken by colouring, heat, environmental factors and styling. These disulphide bonds help to give our hair its structure and strength (broken bonds lead to weak hair)!

2. Redken Extreme Megamask

This mask works to increase shine and strength making your hair look and feel healthier. It is formulated with protein which is a must have for damaged hair. It aims to give a deep and intense conditioning to the hair fibre offering it's strengthening benefits for up to 3 washes!

3. Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Mask

If you prefer natural products this one's for you! This paraben, alcohol and sulphate free mask contains shea butter, peppermint & jamaican black castor oil. These all natural ingredients will help to promote healthy hair growth and leaves hair soft smooth and easier to style. It also smells divine!!

4. Kerastase Resistance Therapiste Masque Hair Mask

A strengthening hair mask for extremely dry and over-processed hair. This hair mask is designed to improve your hairs elasticity (yay!) and lock in moisture. It is also enriched with amino acids to help to replenish and promote stronger hair. This one is a great all rounder for damaged hair.

5. Garnier Hair Food Papaya

At just £6.99 this more affordable option is great if you're on a budget! It is super moisturising so is great if you've been experiencing dry locks. It promotes healthy-looking hair with enhanced softness and shine with the added benefit of a wonderful papaya smell!!

As always prevention is better than a cure when it comes to damaged hair. Here are some tips to prevent further hair damage and to encourage healthy hair!

  1. Limit chemical treatments

  2. Limit heated styling

  3. Always use a heat protectant when drying your hair

  4. Use a hair spf in the sun

  5. Tie your hair up in harsh weather

  6. Avoid harsh hair elastics - switch to scrunchies!

Looking for some heatless alternatives to your favourite styles? Check out our TikTok and instagram for tutorials and hair care tips! @loxieshairwear

Ellie x

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