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The real reason your hair isn't growing (and how to fix it)

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Do you feel like your hair has stopped growing? Or that you've been growing out your style forever?! Want to know the main reason? BREAKAGE. Yep it's that simple, Your hair is still growing from the roots, but it's just not getting any longer because it is breaking off at the ends. Here are the main causes of hair breakage and how to fix it.

Excessive brushing and using the wrong brushes

Overbrushing your hair causes it to become more fragile and eventually break off. My number one tip is to never brush your hair when it's wet (as this is when it's at it's most fragile!). Always COMB your hair when it's wet to detangle or use a brush specifically designed for wet hair. Make sure your brush doesn't cause pain or excessive shedding when you use it and try to limit brushing to a few times a day.

Overusing heat

Using heat everyday weakens the internal structure of your hair making your hair more fragile. Try to leave your hair to airdry 50-80% then finish off with the hairdryer (don't forget heat protection spray). Straighteners and curlers are the worst for causing heat damage! Try to limit heated styling to 1x a week, you can try heatless styling e.g curls or braids during the week to tame your hair without the damage.

Chemical treatments

Chemical treatments such as colouring, bleaching and perming also weaken your hairs internal structure. Try to limit colouring as much as possible (especially bleaching) but when you do try to find a salon who offer a bond repairing treatment such as olaplex!


Skipping your haircuts isn't helping your hair grow! By avoiding haircuts you are encouraging those split ends to travel further and further up your hair - eventually breaking off further up the hair shaft. Trim your hair every 8-12 weeks if you're not maintaining a style, even having a tiny bit off will prevent the split ends travelling up the hair shaft.

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