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The reason why your hair is frizzy and how to fix it

Frizzy hair is one of the main issues SO many of us face, and a lot of the time it is down to in proper hair care and damaged locks. Some level of frizz is totally normal for some and shouldn't cause a problem, but if it's becoming a daily issue there could be more to why you can't control the frizz!

So what causes frizz?

When it is humid and there's a lot of water in the air those water molecules enter the hair strands causing your hair to change shape and frizz, this is normal and most of the time shouldn't be an issue (unless you live in a very humid place!).

Unfortunately, if your hair is damaged frizz is much more likely to become a daily struggle, why? Damaged hair means the outer layer of your hair (the cuticle) is rough and raised taking away the hair's smoothness and shine. The cuticles job is to act as a barrier against the elements, so if this is damaged it allows the hair to take in more moisture from the air, causing the hair to swell and you guessed it... FRIZZ.

If frizz has become a regular struggle for you then this means it is more than likely your hair is damaged, but fear not here's 5 ways you can beat the frizz and improve your hairs condition!

How to stop the frizz!

Avoid over washing your hair

Over washing your hair strips your hair from vital natural oils needed to keep it healthy. Everyone's hair is different so it's important to do what works for you! Some people's hair produces a lot of these natural oils making their hair feel greasy, in which case they may need to wash daily. Others only need to wash their hair every 1-2 weeks! Try to find a balance, I recommend trying different hair up styles to help you go an extra day without washing!

Put down the heated tools

Heated tools are one of the main causes of damaged hair! Too much heat seriously damages the internal bonds within your hair, which unfortunately is irreversible! If you are struggling with frizz it easily becomes a vicious circle - you use your straighteners daily to tame the frizz, causing hair damage which leads to even more frizz! To break this cycle try some heatless hairstyles, this could be a loose bun, braids or heatless curls!

Try a microfibre towel

Towel drying your hair essentially roughs up your hairs cuticle, this is because your hair is at it's most fragile when wet. To avoid this use a microfibre towel to squeeze excess moisture from your hair. If you're not ready to invest try using an old cotton t-shirt, the flat surface works similar to the microfibre by not disturbing the cuticle.

Chemical processes

Over colouring or chemically treating your hair is another reason your hair may be frizzy! Too much bleach ruins the cuticle and the hair shaft. Try to avoid colouring your hair too often - and always go to a professional for ANY chemical treatments!

Wrong products

If your hair is prone to frizz you need to be using the right products! Frizzy hair is often dry so try using a moisturising shampoo and adding a leave in conditioner or oil to your routine! Here are some of my faves:

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