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The side effects of damaged hair

Here's 5 reasons you need to start caring about your hair being damaged.

Have you damaged your hair? Whether its heat, colour, styling or environmental damage here are 5 reasons why you need to start caring for your locks today.

Damaged hair is taking you longer to dry

I know, who would've thought it, damaged locks take SO much longer to dry than healthier hair. Why is this? Well if your hair is damaged this means the outer layer (the cuticle) has been compromised so your hair holds more water! When your hair holds more water it obviously takes longer to remove it. Healthy hair has a healthy cuticle which acts as a barrier stopping the hair absorbing too much water!

Damaged hair is less shiny

This again is down to the cuticle! In healthy hair the cuticle lies flat which makes hair appear smoother and softer. When the hair is damaged the cuticle is more 'rough' giving the hair a duller appearance.

Damaged hair grows slower

When your hair is damaged you'll probably find it has been stuck at the same length for a long time! Why is this? Damaged hair breaks off at the ends as it is a lot weaker internally. When this hair breaks off at the ends it prevents your hair getting longer. It may be growing from the root, but if the ends are damaged it wont be getting longer!

It is harder to style

Damaged hair is seriously hard to style, this is because the internal bonds that hold a style are not as strong as they once were. Breakage, fly away's and thin ends caused by damaged hair also contribute to difficult styling.

It is causing frizz!!

Frizz is another symptom of damaged hair - this is because the cuticle isn't laying flat. When the cuticle is raised it allows too much moisture into the strand causing it to swell and frizz.

So now you know WHY you need to care about your hairs condition, you now need to know how!

Here's 10 tips to improve your hair condition, that you can start today:

  1. Regular hair masks (we recommend once a week)

  2. Microfibre towel - this reduces the friction on your hair whilst drying.

  3. Pre wash treatments - Check out for the best pre wash treatments!

  4. Never rub your hair with your towel, always squeeze.

  5. Regular hair trims

  6. Reduce the amount of times you use heat on your hair.

  7. Reduce chemical treatments e.g colouring

  8. Try Olaplex! This helps to rebuild damaged hair.

  9. Avoid brushing your hair when wet.

  10. Sleep on a silk pillowcase to avoid breakage, split ends and protect your hairs cuticle

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