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The ultimate haircare routine for reviving damaged hair!!

Do you need to improve the condition of your hair? Is frizz and breakage driving you mad? Then you NEED this routine. Follow these 10 steps to revive those damaged locks.

Step One

Invest in a pre-wash treatment - I love hair syrup! Their all natural ingredients revive damaged hair adding shine and improving managbility. A pre-wash treatment protects your hair during the hair wash process whilst also containing ingredients to improve hair health. Check them out

Step 2

Ensure your shampoo and conditioner is specifically for damaged hair. This is a pretty simple one - but if your products aren't designed for damaged hair they won't be doing you any favours! I love Olaplex and the Redken anti-snap!

Step 3

Stop (or reduce) using heat on your hair. This helps to avoid any further hair damage! Try using our heatless curl kit for effortless heatless styling!

Step 4

Ensure you have regular trims to get rid of those damaged ends. Try to get a hair cut every 8-12 weeks, or more often if you are maintaining a style e.g a bob.

Step 5

Switch to silk scrunchies! Regular hair ties and bobbles increase hair breakage and damage! This is due to the friction and tension they cause! Switching to silk reduces friction AND the silk contains amino acids which help to improve hair condition!

Step 6

Weekly hair masks! I recommend 1-2 times a week- whether its a diy mask or one from your fave hair brand. You need to be using one! I LOVE shea moisture masks - my fave is the strengthen and restore range!

Step 7

Swap your towel! Try using a micro fibre towel (or an old t-shirt). This reduces friction on your hair which causes damage.

Step 8

Protective Styles, these are extra important as we are coming into winter! Going out in the cold? or a windy day? You need to protect your hair from harsh weather and environmental factors. Here are some easy protective styles to try:

  1. Low pony

  2. Loose braid

  3. Soft bun

*TOP TIP* Spray a protective spray in your hair after styling for extra protection.

Step 9

Sleep on silk! Cotton pillowcases literally cause bed head... The surface ruffles up your hairs cuticle causing dullness, frizz and split ends. Switching to silk reduces this friction and protects hair whilst you sleep.

Step 10

Daily hair oiling! This one protects your hair from environmental damage whilst also improving condition. I love argan oil and coconut oil! All you need to do is apply a small amount and work it throughout the ends, try to do this 1-2 times a day.

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